Fwd: I made it!!

Hey everyone! I´m here in Argentina typing on an Argentine keyboard, with
Spanish music playing in the background of this small little kiosk sort of
place where they have pretty nice computers that we are paying to use for
an hour. I have so much to tell you, and I´ll try to include all of it, but
forgive me if I dont get all of it in. Or if my punctuation is awful. This
is a different Keyboard….

Anyway, my companions are Elder Smith and Elder Purancajas. Elder Smith is
from Texas and he has passed is year mark and is on his way out in
November. He has a really sweet soul and wants to be everyone´s friend.
He´s really tall, 20, and plays sports. Elder Purancajas is from Ecuador
and he is 25. He speaks super fast spanish so sometimes I cant understand
him but he is nice enough to speak slower for me so that maybe i can catch
a phrase or two haha. We did language study this morning and it was
awesome. He´s only been in the field for two months so he always mentions
that fact to people haha.

My area right now is “Trelew” or more specifically “Rawson”. I´m not sure
my mom could handle this place hahah, there are dogs everywhere and Im sure
that she would want to touch and help every one of them, but I just have to
tell myself that they all have owners (thats what hermana judd tells
herself) so that I dont stop and help them… cause they will probably bite
me or something haha. :)

I´ve met my ward and they are fantastic! We have about 100 people attending
every week which makes us one of the largest wards and the most active
areas in the mission. In most of Argentina there are bars and stuff on the
windows, but we dont have those because we are one of the safest areas in
Neuquen as well (saying that for you mama).

I´m in a trio for the next three weeks until transfers when I can get my
own companion. I also might be moving areas…. but I´ve met some awesome
people here! :D I dont know any of their names…….. YET haha, but I¨ll
get to know them (once i can understand them… they all speak really

So know that I love you and miss you all! I’m happy to be here and I’m
excited to be able to start another chapter in this part of the mission!


Elder Jordan Hanzon

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So There Was A Fire…

…Alarm. Haha, I know silly way to start, but it was an experience. We
were in the middle of a chat and the alarm blazes within the confines of
the RC and the entire building and we have no idea how to say the phrase
“fire alarm” in Spainish. All I got was “HAY UN FUEGO! TTYL!” Which is:
THERE IS A FIRE! TTYL!. But now he is someone we talk to and also is going
to be baptized this Saturday. So yeah, that was a thing.

So this week a LOT happened! And by that I mean, there was J Dawgs
involved. So our mission president sort of type person decided that we need
to Spring clean the entire RC. So we set a time aside to clean the RC and
afterwards we were treated by the owner to a round of JDawgs for all the
missionaries serving here along with the entire MTC presidency along with
us. So that was a strange experience seeing all these people who we only
see on the stands now eating hotdogs and getting mustard and ketchup
everywhere. Also I must tell you that the special sauce is delicious!

Also, last P-Day we took a trip together to Red Robins (yum) and spent a
time there! It was amazing and made my heart soar with excitement! Mostly
for the fact that we were eating real food (I love eating real food) and
that the refills of the strawberry lemonades were free along with the
almost instant refill as well of the steak fries with barbeque fry sauce. I
love food. I just have to say that. I love food. Gahhh. That same day we
had a trip to the BYU Campus to play some bowling and enjoy some Jamba
Juice. I’m not good at bowling. I’m pretty good at making 3 point shots
during basketball at gym. Correlation does not equal causation. That phrase
doesn’t even make sense here.

So it is confirmed! (pun intended) Our first investigator has been
baptized! He is doing amazing and has found a lot of happiness in his life


Okay, can I just prefix this letter with “Please don’t worry about me”?
Because seriously, don’t worry. I’m fine.

Okay so last P-Day… something happened. Don’t worry, I’m fine now, but up
to this point… haha not so much. Basically what went down is we got up
and were getting ready to go to gym. Pretty fun stuff haha. But before we
left… Elder Hunt left the room to go do his hair (he does it before we go
to gym… gotta look good to look sweaty!). During that time, something
happened that changed that day and that week forever (the fire nation did
not attack). I sneezed. Yeah. I know how stupid that sounds. I sneezed. And
I threw out my back. I laid in my bed awaiting my companion to return
trying to get up, but failing miserably. Elder Hunt later accounted that it
looked like I was trying to do some sort of weird pull up, but no. I was in
fact, not doing a weird pull up. I was trying like a turtle on its back to
arise from my bed. Yeah… Fun story to tell, but I continue. The morning
was our studies, but for the most part I just laid on the floor, writhing
in pain. Elder Hunt and many others suggested I should go to the doctors. A
great idea, but I refused because of sort of pride I have. I don’t know. I
hate the doctors. Anyway, we decide that we should go buy an icy-hot. I
heard that helps muscle strains. I don’t really know how to describe my
back except like… a charlie horse that would go away in my lower back.
Yum. So we go to the store, but they only have the Icy part of the icy-hot.
Well I figure that even if it’s half as good, it’ll still be beneficial to
my failing health, so I made my purchase. Elder Hunt, being the smart
cookie he is, convinces me to follow him to just check how busy the
doctor’s office is. Sounded innocent enough, but little did I know that he
was luring me into a trap! (Yes you can go ahead and quote Admiral Ackbar
there.) They took me into see a nurse immediately and gave me a blue ticket
that gave me an all expense paid trip to the urgent care office at BYU
Health Center (except for the 10 dollar copay). So, we wait around and the
nurse admits me to see the doctor about my back. He runs a bunch of tests
and makes his diagnosis. A muscle spasm, something I should just walk off.
And by walk off I mean 48 hours of sedentary lifestyle. Not really
something I want to hear on my P-day. His solution for the now was a shot
or pills for the pain. Everyone who knows the slightest bit about me knows
that I hate needles. Anyone who is mildly sane knows that they hate
needles. So what do you think I chose? That’s right. The needle. They said
it would work faster than the pills and be more powerful. I don’t know,
maybe it was the sheer pain that made me crazy enough to say yes to a shot
in my hip. The warning I received as it entered my body was “this is going
to burn”. Well, there is the other half of the Icy-Hot. The day continued
with a trip to a restaurant called Sora where I tried my first sushi roll.
It wasn’t that bad actually. Or maybe that’s the drugs talking. We also ate
a 8 dollar bowl of ramen, which was the tastiest and most expensive ramen I
have ever partaken. (I can say that with 100% confidence) What followed
that experience was everyone telling me that I could not go bowling and
that they would go next week because of my injured status. I complained,
murmured and made all sorts of a ruckus, but alas, I was overpowered by the
numbers of my so called “caring friends”. What kind of friends don’t let
you go bowling? (Yes I know. The ones that actually care for my well being
and not just my immediate happiness. I want cookie now!) So, we went back
to the MTC for me to take a nap, take it easy, and take some meds.

That was pretty much the most exciting or devastating part of my 22nd week.
I should have mentioned that we have received our second baptismal date
from one of our investigators. Our first will be this Saturday and this
investigator will be on the 9th of February. Exciting, right? How many
people can say that they have helped two people be baptized, whilst still
in the MTC? Okay, so probably a lot of the people who are serving full time
in the Referral Center can say that, but it is still super cool to me!
Also, we have another date coming up in the month of February but we
haven’t got anything specific yet. I’ll keep you posted on all of them, and
send back any pics if I can.

Also, I just want to let everyone know that there is someone waiting for
you. I don’t know who it is, where they are, or what you need to do to help
them, but they are there. We are teaching someone now that we talked to
this week, who is a YouTuber. If you know anything about me, know that I am
a YouTuber. I love movies. I love videos. It’s my thing. Out of all the
Elders who could have received him to talk, he is talking to us. It’s weird
how that works out that one of our investigators is a film major trying to
go to BYU and the other one is a YouTuber. It’s like God is telling the
story of my life through others. Is my life the “Five People You Meet In
Heaven” or whatever the title of that cheesy Hallmark movie is? Am I going
to find someone who is from the most diverse family on the earth?
(Seriously, people look at my family picture and always say like, this is
your family? And are so surprised by the diversity haha). It’s crazy how
things work out that way, so keep your eyes open for someone unique for
you. Ask, why did I meet this person at this time at this place? There
aren’t very many coincidences that aren’t for a greater purpose. Find that
purpose and act!

I love you all so much and wish everyone the best in everything that is
going on!


Elder Jordan Hanzon

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Hello everyone! :) Believe it or not (I would hope you would believe it)
but this week was really awesome!

First, there is tons of fantastic news. :) Brad, who is getting baptized on
the 26th, passed the interview for baptism with flying colors! So now there
is nothing in his way on his journey to the font and I’m so happy and proud
of him. He’s just a fantastic investigator and one of those people that you
feel like they were meant to be found by you. He is actually going into
film (I’m not sure if I said that or not) and is planning on going to BYU.
How cool is that? Out of all the missionaries who could have answered that
chat that day, we get it. It’s weird how things work out like that.

We have a new investigator this week named Cassandra and she is also on her
way to baptism! She already accepted the invitation and we’ve taught her
half of the lessons so far and she just accepted having the local
missionaries to come to her house and prepare her for baptism. How cool is
that? How many people do you know that can say that they have had two
baptisms in the MTC? It’s such a neat experience to be a part of and I’m
glad I’m still in the MTC.

Also, for the Tuesday devotional, we had the unique opportunity to listen
to Elder Holland once again! This time he did a super powerful talk and I’m
sure it shook not only me, but every single soul in that room. He has such
a great way of speaking that motivates you to do that utmost good that is
possible for you to accomplish. He was there to dedicate three buildings
(or rather.. rededicate) them for the use of the missionaries because we
are expanding so quickly. The dedicatory prayer was so neat! Basically he
said that there would be angels guarding every door and every hallway and
that no violence or harm would come upon the missionaries of the MTC. I
feel really safe in the MTC right now. Like I didn’t fear anything would
come upon us before, but now I’m sure that even if it did, we would be

No news so far on VISAS, though we have some Spain elders serving in the
referal center who are living with us who got news today that they are
meeting the consulate next Tuesday and most likely leaving the following
day. I feel like it’s super close and that we could get news that we are
leaving any day. There aren’t very many people left who are going to
Argentina to receive a VISA, so we are bound to leave soon. Even if we
don’t though, I know I’m here in the Referral Center for a purpose. I think
of the people that I’ve only had one chat left and if I’ve left an impact
on them.

This week we actually found out that one of them did. We usually leave our
emails with people if they don’t want to talk to us any more and we let
them know that we are here to answer any more questions that they have. One
of these people is named Zen who lives in the Philipines I believe. We
didn’t hear from her for a few months but in that time she apparently went
out and found some missionaries and eventually got baptized! We got that
email a couple days ago and now she is planning on serving a mission! Just
that one single chat we had with her, helped her come unto Christ :) Most
of the time, we will not know the outcomes of all of our actions, but it
still matters that we keep on making those day to day decisions to help

We heard a story of a man who was walking along the beach one day and saw
another man who was doing the strangest thing. The tide had brought in many
starfish that numbered the shore for miles and miles as far as he could see
and the man was picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the
ocean. He approached the man and said, “I know that you are throwing them
back into the ocean so that they will not dry up and die overnight, but
surely you do not think that you can save them all. You will hardly make a
difference!” The man looked back at the other and picked up a starfish from
the beach and threw it back into the ocean. “It made a difference to that
one,” he replied.

I know that it may seem like sometimes our little efforts do nothing, but I
also know that those small and simple things are how great things come to
pass and also that it is by those small things that we affect individuals.
We can help a child of God. So people keep telling me that they feel sorry
for me being here still in the MTC, and I can see where they are coming
from, but I am doing the work of God and whether I know it or not, I’m
helping people. At to me, that is all that matters.

I love you all so very much and thank you for your support, love, and
prayers for me.


Elder Jordan Hanzon

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Week 20 in the MTC

Hello darlings,

It’s week 20, which means that if each month had exactly four weeks, it
would be month 5! All in the MTC! I find that to be an accomplishment. I’m
out here getting baptismal dates and such and I haven’t even left the MTC.
Do I dare say, that is talent? “It’s humility, ain’t it?” (Name that movie)
We’re having a good ol’ time in here. We hear about VISAS and rumors of
VISAS and sometimes we lend and ear to them, but for the most part we are
happy and content serving here. The funnest thing to do is to find the
Elders who are usually staying in the MTC the longest. They’ll come talk to
us and we’ll be like, so how long are you going to be here and they’ll
usually reply, “Oh about 10 weeks” and then they’ll ask us, and we’ll be
like, we don’t really know we’ve been here 20 weeks. You mean days right?
No we mean weeks. And then their jaw drops and they start feeling sorry for
us. Haha, I’m not sure why we keep getting so much sympathy. This mission
is so awesome! I love being able to help so many people from all around
the world. There is this map in the MTC of where people take pictures of
where they are going to serve. There is a joke that the RC missionaries
take a picture hugging the whole map because of how many different people
we can teach haha.

Fun things happened this week including the return of us to the Temple.
Okay that was a really strangely grammatically organized sentence, but it
was super exciting! So we get there at about 7:40 but we miss that
appointment and have to go to the 8:20 because the 8:00 one is Spanish.
About 7:50, a lady comes up to us and asks us if we would like to use some
headphones that is the english part and go into the Spanish session. Um,
YEAHH!!!! Okay so we didn’t scream, because it was the temple of course,
but it was super exciting. For the most part, I just turned down the
english speaking and listened to the Spanish part. I understood the
majority of it and I felt like a champ. :) Then afterwards of course we had
the deliciousness that is the Temple Waffles. Amos is the worker who serves
them to us. I missed him haha. It’s nice to know that our Spanish is
improving, like today we were out at Wendy’s for lunch and there was this
Spanish lady that we had a full conversation with about Chile and
Argentinian food. We only talked to Spanish Members though, didn’t find any
nonmembers haha. But when we see people we usually say Hola to them, and if
they speak spanish they walk right up to us and have a full conversation
about their missions and about kids that they have on missions all in
Spanish. I didn’t think we would be able to understand and pick up most of
it because we just read Spanish all day, but it comes so naturally when you
are in that environment. I can’t wait until Argentina.

We were under attack on Sunday. Okay don’t get that worried, let me
backtrack a little. So I was assigned to do family home evening for the
whole district. Let me just tell you, that is nerveracking. I can’t talk at
all without my heart racing and my speech all studdery, but from what I
hear from everyone who heard my lesson, that’s not how I was at all. They
all said I did a really good job. I’m not sure if they are all just lying
to me or if I really did a good job haha. Anyway, our district leader’s
companion when to his reassignment in Texas, so for his farewell they told
us to all meet in the RC room where we do our work. We are all just kind of
standing around chit chatting when all of the sudden all the doors burst
open and all of our leaders have Nerf guns and they open fire upon the
upsuspecting crowd. Some scattered and searched for cover. Some accepted
their fate, while our Hermana found a gun of her own and fought back (with
pinpoint accuracy I might add). I sat there and blocked many bullets from
my companion (definitely not because I was too lazy to move any where
else…). So that is the RC for you. Sometimes we have Nerf fights. Why
not? Afterwards we ate this giant cake that is some Mexican tradition that
has three plastic baby figurines (though to me they look like white oscar
awards) and the people who find those babies have to plan a party. I got
one of the babies, so I guess that means I’m gonna stay here longer! :)

Anyway, I love you all dearly and I’m so appreciative of your support! :)
Thank you for writing me!&; It makes my day when I know I have a letter
waiting for me on my desk when I get back from Lunch/Dinner. If I could, I
would skip every meal to know there would always be a letter. You mean more
to me than food. Yeah. I love you.


Elder Jordan Hanzon

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19 - Baptismal Date

Hello family and friends! It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new year and
I’m feeling good! Life at the MTC is more or less the same, so we have to
do something to liven up the place. You’ve already heard that we go bowling
and we also have Mario Karts, but there are so many possibilities of things
to do!

Last P-Day we had the opportunity to visit the house of our teacher named
Hermana Gillon and spend the day with her and her husband! It was such a
neat opportunity and I’m so glad we had it, but the thing I remember most
from that experience was the food we ate. So we went to this small
restaurant in Provo, I think, that had the word “pollo” in it… so you know
it’s gonna be good. She told us to order anything off the menu and she
would get it for us. He said that the number 1 was the best, so logically I
chose that and my companion chose to get some tacos. So the taco menu lists
all the possible meats, which were chicken, steak, head, tongue and
pineapple. The head consists of either the brain of a cow or what is called
“head cheese” or just kind of the leftovers of the head. He got a few steak
tacos… and Hermana Gillon ordered some cow tongue tacos to bring home for
her husband because he loves them. So we get back to her cozy house (it was
so adorable! I loved it!) and say a prayer upon the food. We start eating
and Hermano Gillon insists that we try the tongue tacos. Who am I to say
know to such a *unique* experience? It tasted very much like the steak
tacos, but reminded me a lot of the deer burgers I ate once. It was very
soft, which was weird cause I thought it was going to be chewy. It wasn’t
really all that bad, but it was the idea that you were eating a tongue.
Elder Hunt said, “While we were tasting it, it was tasting you.” So that
was a pretty fun experience haha! Also, thanks mom for sending us the
Chinese food! It was delicious and it replaced our meals for three days! :)

Also, on New Years we did a fast. Elder Hunt had that impression, so I
didn’t question it. The fast was hard, but it paid off. We got our first
baptismal date. I know, exciting. Jan 12. I’ll tell you more details as
they unfold, but wow. It’s just so amazing to see the power of God so
strong and evident. I can’t believe I get an opportunity to be a part of
this work.

Also, we kinda got hit with a pandemic… They told us no hugging, or
handshakes, or touching our own face… just keep everything as not touchy
as possible. They even went as far as separating us from all the new elders
arriving at dinner time. So yeah… I’m fine, but we lost three elders to
that sickness in the RC. It was crazy up in here.

Sorry I don’t have a whole lot to say this week. I promise I’ll get on
that, but it’s super easy to get distracted. I hope you understand. I love


Elder Hanzon

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Letter #18 - Merry Christmas

Happy two days after Christmas! :) That’s a holiday, right? When do they
celebrate Festivus again? Anyway, this festive week has been one of the
best one’s yet that I’ve had at the MTC-RC mission!

On Thursday, we decided that we would go bowling. Random, right? But we
went down to BYU at the WILK and the workers there explained that for
missionaries it was free to bowl, so that was pretty neat. Though while we
were bowling, they kept playing the song “Larger than Life” by Backstreet
Boys because they were filming a music video for reasons I have no idea
about. Anyway, bowling was pretty fun. Of course, I’m awful at it, but it
turns out I’m pretty good left handed and also between my legs and
backwards. See, we played an alteration where we had a cup of skittles and
each color represented a different way we had to bowl. Red was spinning
around three times, yellow was left handed, purple was backwards, green was
granny style, and orange was between the legs. It was super difficult, but
I managed to get 2nd and 3rd :) Afterwards, we headed on over to the
Creamery and I got a garden burger (now called a veggie burger) and garlic
fries. I remembered it all tasting so much better than it did, but it was
still pretty good. I think the MTC has dulled my standards of what “good
food” is, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and the cookies and cream
cone that I got after that. (of course instead of a single scoop that I
paid for, he gave me a couple of scoops. Being a missionary has its perks!)
Elder Hunt wasn’t too much of a fan of the fries, but the Hermanas loved

Later that week on Sunday, we were invited to Brother
Ware’s house to eat a Sunday dinner. Brother Ware is sort of like our
mission president, but he isn’t.. that is President Brown. He is over all
the chats and lots of technical things about the MTC. Anyway, we had the
opportunity to eat at their house for Christmas Adam (the day before
Christmas Eve). It was super delicious! His wife is Scottish so she made
this dessert that was kind of like a german pancake, but they called it
some kind of Scottish pudding. It was pretty good both with gravy and with
honey (separately, but I’m sure it would have tasted fine together). There
were also really good potatoes and afterwards I tried my first slice of
pumpkin pie. Really loved that, (what else have I been missing out in my
life? Still hate brussel spouts…) then Elder Tucker (our district leader)
shared a message with them and so did Elder Jones and my companion. It was
pretty neat, haha. They have three children, two boys and one girl. One of
the boys is like a super genius and he was learning Spanish. They told us
it was the older one, who was named Thomas, so I started talking to the
taller one of the brothers in Spanish while we were eating. He just gave me
this blank stare for a bit and I hear this voice next to him saying, “I’m
Thomas…,” and I looked over at the shorter one of the too haha. It reminded
me a lot of Elder Schroeppel being shorter than his brother, but I was so
embarrassed! The dinner was good though and it was nice to get a home
cooked meal.

When we returned, we found that we not only got to go eat
dinner at the Wares, but the next day we had the opportunity to go to our
teacher’s house, named Brother Lund. Super lucky, right? Though we had to
miss the opportunity to watch a Christmas Carol (which apparently wasn’t
that good anyway) and also a Nativity that starred three of the Elder’s we
know as the Narrators and one of the Wise Men. Worth it. We got there and
started out by watching the Best Two Years. Now, I haven’t even seen it all
the way through, just random clips that I’ve seen other people show me, but
that movie is a lot funnier and relevant (obviously) now that I’m on my
mission. :) The part where Elder Calhoun is talking about how Elder Rogers
knew to go to the grocery store and he replies, “indigestion” which he
hears as “inspiration.” That is most definitely my companion and I. Elder
Hunt will explain to me how if we had not left at a certain time and done a
certain thing, we would not have been in the exact place and time to do so
many of the tiny miracles that keep happening. Like Commissioner Gordon
said, “You’re a Mormon now, you aren’t allowed to believe in coincidences.”
Okay so maybe, he said detective instead of Mormon, but you get the idea.
It’s the tiny tender mercies that are the flecks of gold that we should
value. Still looking for the nuggets, but I’m sure they will come with
time. After the movie, or rather, during the movie, Elder Hunt got to skype
his family, which made him WAY happy. After the movie was over, I was able
to talk and meet his family and give them a weird compliment. I told them
that I liked how all of their hair styles were parted differently. I really
did enjoy that haha. Then we ate some more homemade food. Although our
teacher went to Russia for his mission, we did not partake in the Russian
cuisine. We did however play with some of those wooden Russian dolls that
have more dolls inside of them. There was one of them that was a bunch of
BYU football players, but the biggest one was Heaps, who apparently is gone
now. This did not make the Lund family very happy haha. We had some
wonderful ham and veggies, and after the dinner we played White Elephant.
This is fun, because it used to be a Christmas tradition with my family
every year. I’m not sure why it ended, but I enjoyed doing it once more. I
received a squishy dog that lights up when you throw it on the ground. We
watched the Nativity after that and had a testimony meeting about Christ
with a bunch of the Elders who were there. The light-up dog kept lighting
up during people’s testimonies… I was told to be a light to the world, so I
think I’m still good. After that we played a game called Werewolf, which is
like Mafia. If you don’t know what either of those things are… well then.
There are three killers/werewolves, two investigators, and one doctor;
everyone else are citizens. So the point of the game is to kill all of the
werewolves, unless you are the werewolves, then it is to kill the
investigators. The different roles are decided by passing out cards, or
tapping on the head, just some signal so that only they know. Every night
the werewolves kill one person, the investigators investigate one person,
and the doctor can save one person; each one of these is done with everyone
who are not one of those roles closing their eyes at those assigned times.
After every “night” the citizens gather together and lynch someone who they
think is the werewolf. So our teacher was the wolf with another wolf, and
they sold out one of their fellow wolves so none of us thought to lynch
them, so I got pretty far to the end (I was just a citizen) but we didn’t
win. I suspected them both from the beginning, but I couldn’t round up
enough votes to get rid of them. Also, the round that I died, I tried to
signal to the doctor that he should save me, but he decided to save himself
that round haha. We ended that party with us trying their family
traditional drink of eggnog and sprite. Not as bad as you would think, but
still it isn’t all that delicious.

And that was Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day we started out with opening presents, (I’m
sure you have seen all those pictures on Facebook already. It was intense!)
I received a Batman mighty wallet and an iPod touch (that I’ve had for a
while, cause I thought I might be leaving soon… Nope!) I also got loads of
food so that I can fatten up for the winter and a Captain America shirt in
preparation for that (size XL). We played a game of Settlers of Catan (I
won). Then we headed over to the devotional that a lot of people though was
going to be the Prophet, but it turned out to be Elder Nelson (who was
awesome in my opinion). Wrote lots of notes on that one. The next biggest
thing was that I GOT TO CALL WITH SKYPE MY WHOLE FAMILY! Okay, a big
majority of my family, but it was so awesome! It seems like nothing has
really changed with any of them. Like time has stood still and is waiting
for me to return. I wonder what it will be like in 1.5 more years. We were
able to talk for an hour, but I got away with about two hours. Mostly cause
for the beginning of the chat and throughout it, I was explaining how to
do things on that chat so that everyone could see and hear me and that I
could as well of them. I’m so thankful that I’m still here starting my
18thweek so that I could talk to them on Skype for that long. I love
them so
much and I love that they took that time to do that for me. Can’t wait
until I get to call them when I leave for Argentina.

After my call, the rest of the day was filled with eating
foods of all sorts, and by all sorts I mean Hawaiian rolls with deli meats
and cheese with some chips. Merry Christmas. This night we had the
opportunity to go see “It’s a Wonderful Life” (which I’ve never seen
before) but right before we were about to leave, one of my good friends,
Elder Romero, has an announcement. He is leaving this Friday so this will
be the last time that we can do anything like this with him. So instead of
watching that movie, we stayed behind and played a few games of Werewolf. I
think it was worth it :D

So all and all, it’s been a good week. Hermana Judd (going
to Neuquén with us) got assigned a new companion last week named Hermana
Dunn, but yesterday we found out that she is leaving on the 31st. So… We’re
still here. We’ll always be here.


Elder Jordan Hanzon

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